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RythmTrail Steel Drum Player at Beach Wedding Ceremony in Key West Florida
How To Make Your Beach Wedding Cool : Hire A Steel Drum Player For Beach Wedding Ceremony
November 27, 2010
steel drum band
Let the beauty of Caribbean Steel Drums create magic in your party
December 5, 2010
Steel Drum Bands in Florida

Steel Drum Band in Florida

Are you looking to hire a Steel Drum Band in Florida? Read on the article to find out more about steel drum bands in such Florida cities as Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, St Petersburg, Hialeah, Ft Lauderdale, Daytona Beach, Key West, Florida Keys, Gainesville, Ocala and others. Hiring a steel drum band is a great way to enhance your party, event or social gathering.

It is a known fact that a professional exotic band can play a huge role in the general atmosphere of the specific event. RythmTrail Steel Drum Band is one of those bands. If you are a person who loves the sounds and vibes of steel drum band music, you can’t miss RythmTrail. These steel drum players from Florida have played in various social events, paying special attention to beach weddings, parties and corporate events. Every year, the band performs at around 300 events all across America. Some of the most popular cities where RythmTrail Steel Drum Band plays are Miami, Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville, but this doesn’t exclude other parts of the USA as well. Whatever your needs are, RythmTrail Steel Drum Players can help you.

There are several music styles which RhythmTrail can offer, such as: Caribbean Steel Drum Music, soca, reggae and calypso. This means that you can hire RhythmTrail Steel Drum Band for pretty much any event and they will find the music that suits it best. This will keep your guests entertained all throughout the event. RhythmTrail Steel Drum Band offers more intimate music for beach weddings and something soothing to fit a corporate event. RhythmTrail is truly a versatile steel drum band that fits every occasion.

RhytmTrail offers a variety of music for all tastes and can perform as a one man drum band or as a quartet Florida steel drum band. You make the choice! Be sure to make your next cocktail party,
beach wedding convention or corporate event leave a lasting and positive impression on all the guests!

Hire RythmTrail Steel Drum Band now! Call us at 866-495-4522 or request a quote online at your convenience!

Here are the cities which RhytmTrail Steel Drum Players serves:
St. Pete, Clearwater, Anna Maria Island, Key West, Key Largo, Islamorada, Key Biscayne, Miami, Miami Beach, South Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Singer Island, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Jupiter, Port St Lucie, Fort Pierce, Vero Beach, Melbourne, Cocoa Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Palm Coast, St Augustine, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fernandina Beach, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Amelia Island, Orlando, Lakeland, Tampa, Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Treasure Island Gainesville, St Simons Island, Jekyll Island, Savannah, Atlanta, Hilton Head, Selma Alabama, Sarasota, Sand Key, Siesta Key, Longboat Key, Ft. Myers, Bonita Springs, Captiva Island, Naples, Marco Island, Florida Keys, Singer Island, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Jupiter, Port St Lucie, Fort Pierce, Fernandina Beach, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Amelia Island, St George Island and many more.


  1. Alika says:

    I love steel drum music since I was a child. This music is original and has a pleasant and joyous sound that will bring life and happiness to any occasion!

  2. Fiona says:

    Best steel pan player I know. You always rock the house since tower days in GT, Guyana South America.
    You are now International.

  3. Kim says:

    You did an Amazing Job At Our Wedding! You where the icing on the cake! Everyone is going on how great you where! Thanks a bunch!

  4. JB says:

    Keep it up bro! From way back when u always rock the house.’Play the music,da sweet, sweet music’.

  5. SIMONE says:

    Music is power, Great voice and talent on the steel drums my brother. Keep touching life trough music.

  6. Walter J says:

    Congrats on your venture Ephraim Always known you to be dedicated at your craft and now that dedication is paying off. Best pan player I personally know

  7. Bruce Rodrigues says:

    nice to know there is a caribbean group keeping the steel pan music alive in the north. keep it up guys.

  8. Andre T says:

    Best pan player i know since high school, glad to see you are still doing what you love.

  9. Shaundell English says:

    Born for steel pan playing..”Our Pan Boy” from high school days.
    A blessed and talented guy! Play on!

  10. Tracy says:

    I was so captivated by ur talent.I listened to all the songs on ur list nd for a moment i forgot it was being played by steel pan. I was just hearing sweet that’s skills!

  11. Petalalleyne hamer says:

    hey Ephraim one of the best band playing members in Guyana, always committed. Keep it up brother

  12. Kurt Corbin says:

    It’s nice to see u fulfilling ur gift and utilizing ur talent. Keep the good work up man…may God continue to bless u. Keep the ideas flowing.

  13. Isa says:

    GREATTT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. ABIGAIL says:

    Steelpan music is an absolutely remarkable art and you have perfected it. I have been a fan of yours from BHS through Tower Hotel and will continue to follow your success. Once in Florida I would absolutely ensure that I attend your performances. Keep up the good work.

  15. Shabana says:

    Cool, Very Authentic!!!!!!!

  16. Dwain says:

    hey nice music i like it

  17. Delbert says:

    Hey Ephraim…it’s good to see that all of the hard work you put in @ the BHS pan room has paid dividends……….. Mr Benjamin should be proud bro….. Keep the music coming

  18. Ramona Ganpatsingh says:

    Steel band music is the best! It puts one in a good mood and is certainly entertaining! Good job Ephraim! Keep up the good work!!

  19. Wendy says:

    days of playing steel pan in school and in the air when there was no pan in front of u made u the best today. keep doing what u do cause i loooooooooooooooove it. 🙂 to me, this type of music offers tranquility.

  20. Philicia says:

    Steel pan music puts me in a relaxing mood…there is always a need to have more when you hear it

  21. RIONNE says:

    You are a talented steel plan player. I have been following your music for almost 20years now and am always impress. We are all bless to do something special, certainly the playing of steel pan is your natural gift. keep up the great work.

  22. RIONNE says:

    You are a talented steel pan player. I have been following your music for almost 20years and am always impress. Keep up the great work.

  23. Necola says:

    Sweet Caribbean Pan Music…
    Some people throw away their talents but not you Ephraim, you have pleased the Almighty by using His God given talent to you.
    I am sure that I speak for all those of us who have been to school with you and anxiously looked forward to Christmas season when you would be in the pan room doing your thing….We are proud of this accomplishment and you don’t only represent those of us who love pan music, but you and your team are spreading to the North a culture that originated in the Caribbean. True Caribbean Rythm Trail.
    If music be the food of love….play on my bredren.

  24. Alyah says:

    Very talented group…greattttttt sound! The sound of pan is so diverse and amazing!!! Please support these guys, u WILL NOT regret it!

  25. says:

    Most talented musician I’ve known personally, and awesome, really awesome, on the steel-pan. Makes those steel-pans come alive with sweet music.
    Keep sharing that Caribbean vibes with the world, music feeds the soul!!

    Very impressive Ephraim, play on Bro, play on!!!

  26. Teesha says:

    So proud of your accomplishments Ephraim. Steel Pan has been your love since High School and you have mastered it. Approximately twenty years of experience and you’re still so young! Your talent, dedication and music are amazing. Being pleasant and positive helps too! I wish you the very best…always.

  27. Dada Olatunji says:

    I love steel pan, the music puts me in a jolly mood. Steel pan is a rare talent and I am glad that Ephraim is sharing this talent with us. Great job bro.

  28. Joycelyn says:

    Bringing steel pan to the 1st world! keep hitting hard! nuff nuff love

  29. Abina says:

    Keep up the good work Ephraim! It is nice to know that you are sharing the Caribbean vibes in North America.

  30. Anita says:

    Excellent job Ephraim! Congrats on the success you’ve become in North America after Guyana. Impressive! Keep on playing and keep the pans alive. God Bless.

  31. Adunni says:

    I remember you livening things up in the lobby at NBIC during the holidays. So happy to see that you have taken your music to the next level. Keep on jamming!

  32. Andy says:

    The ultimate professional operation, Rythm Trail is the ultimate in Steel Band entertainment. The clarity, the diversity, the care, the skill, the detail, these qualities are fully manifested when you hire this outfit and/or simply take the time to experience their true mastery of musicality.
    A truly awesome treat I dare say.

  33. Shridath says:

    Well what can I say? I remember you playing from five in the morning at the BQ and disturbing the boys…but it all paid off now my friend. You are one talented man, keep up the good work! I loved the Steel Pulse…

  34. Steve Hemraj says:

    I spent one summer hanging with this band in Orlando. It is the “shabang”. Good music and good rhythm…I might be biased cuz I love the Pan…you remember I delegate you to organize for the First Festival of Carols for the NBIC Anna Regina Branch? Pan Music is ma ting yall.

    Good job.

  35. Steve Hemraj says:

    Try mix steel pan to Shakira’s – Africa… That will be off the hook..Two world rhythms…u be paying me for advice…lol

  36. Janet Persaud says:

    Congratulations Ephraim! I love pan music, touch of flavor from the Caribbean. It is like fresh ocean breeze. I would love to hear you guys someday, maybe when my son gets married, I will certainly keep you in mind, and recommend you to others.

    It is my dream to provide live music for my son’s wedding,still has a lot of time before that time.

    God bless you on your venture.

  37. Candy Adams says:

    Calypso has been the most popular style of music played on the steel drums but you’ve explored all genres of music on steelpan which is something different. You are the best keep up the good works on steelpan

  38. Marcia says:

    As a woman who has grown up in GT hearing the beautiful soothing sounds of steel drums, it represents peace,serenity and relaxation. Who would believe such gr8 sounds could be coming from something made of drums.

  39. Max says:

    Congrats on your band Ephraim! It’s good to see you’re still playing sweet music and entertaining people. Continue to make those steel pans TALK!

  40. Stan Gouveia says:

    Hi Ephraim, congrats! Always knew you’d make it like this. Since school days (@ Bishops’ High) you were always sneaking out of class and using every single spare moment to be in the band room and crashing the drums…lol….guess the hard work paid off! Congrats again

  41. sharon says:

    Ephraim has always had a passion for music you can see it when he plays he is transformed into his music. good going old friend I have always enjoyed your music

  42. Rhonda Mickle says:

    Congratulations! Your steel drum music is very relaxing and suitable for the enjoyment of the entire family. Great job!

  43. Ali says:

    Hey guys, great steel pan music!! Ephraim, you have certainly put together top class entertainment here. Keep on playing…..

  44. Jason Webb says:

    Ephraim is one of the most talented Pan Players in the business. He is a great asset to our show!
    Thank you Ephraim.

  45. Nadia says:

    The first time I heard steel pan was at Bishops’ and I thought it was the most amazing music I ever heard, and still do

  46. Silva says:

    dedicated, committed, detailed!
    this chap and i go waaay back; we caught up the other day. he’s the consumate musician – he can only get better
    blessings fren

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