Miami Carnival Caribbean Events in South Florida

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Miami Carnival Caribbean Events in South Florida

Without question, the annual Miami Carnival in Broward County is one of the most entertaining Florida based events of the entire year. Full of different ethnicities and cultures from both the Caribbean and West Indies, the Miami Carnival is full of steel drum band music performances along with the beautiful sounds of Soca and Calypso artists. With over 20,000 attendees, the costumes that many participants wear are truly magnificent. Fully dressed in masquerade and burlesque attire, many visitors will definitely be in awe over the jaw dropping sights.

One of the main aspects of the festival is the parade that takes place at the carnival. Making the parade a unique event is the custom made floats that are seen overhead as participants dance in the stadium. Showcasing bright and detailed floats that are symbolic of the different attending cultures, you could stare at each work of art for hours. Adding to the specialness of the entertaining parade is the starting time and ending point of the event. Unlike a normal parade, this one does not have a technical starting or time or designed route. The members of the parade will start marching and dancing through the carnival when the time feels right and they will continue on advancing through the carnival on any given path.

While a lot of people turnout to see the extravagant costumes and beautiful people, others go for the different music concerts. With performances by steel drum band that are famously known for their steel drum music, parade attendees are truly enchanted by the different sounds that illuminate the carnival. Also showcasing soca music and calypso music, participants let lose while practicing various culture specific dances. One of the most popular parts of the entire carnival is the voting for band of the year. In 2012, the final voting saw a close finish between the first and second place band winners. Coming in first place was Generation-X, only 9 points ahead of the runner up, Carnival Nationz-Miami. Below is how the remaining participants finished:

• 3rd Place – Ti Chapo
• 4th Place – Fun Generation
• 5th Place – Gye Nyame
• 6th Place – Euphoria Mas

In 2013, the Miami Carnival continued not to disappoint. Tens of thousands of people gathered at the annual festival to see the live steel drum music being performed by some of the top musicians in the business. Coming full circle from its 5th place finish the previous year, this years band of the year winner was Gye Nyame. The other participant result are listed below:

• 2nd Place – Ti Chapo
• 3rd Place – Euphoria
• 4th Place – Party Room Squad
• 5th Place – Mascots International
• 6th Place – China Mas Promotions

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